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All industries and sectors witness a point in time when a transformation occurs. At Insinew Ventures, we believe that the real estate sector - the second largest employer in India after agriculture, is at the brink of this transformation.

There are immense problems in the real estate sector of India. Some of these are:

- The Indian Real Estate Sector is extremely decentralized.
- The Real Estate Developers and Brokers operating in India are largely unregulated, even though the recent Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA) aims to change that
- Moreover, real estate in India has remained a business where personal opinions have held superior influence

On the other hand, despite contributing so immensely towards nation-building, this sector is still looked at with a certain amount of distrust. Our time spent analyzing this industry - both from within and outside, combined with the experience we carry through associations with industry leaders, lobbyists and change-makers makes us well placed to be at the helm of this transformation.


Technology Consulting

Technology being a revolution and change-bringer is old news, what’s new is choosing the right one for your business. Confused? We have helped many business and can help you too.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps have redefined everything. But they may not necessarily change your world. However they can still have a positive impact on your business. Let us recommend exactly what you should aim for.


Wireframe Design

Wireframe designing is a technique that ensures nothing is lost in translation while understanding a business idea. Do you want to test whether your new idea is executable or not? Wireframing is the first step.

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